New Daily Deals Aggregator Launched

Wed, 12 Oct 2011

Base Media is pleased to announce the launch of Deals United, a new daily deals site aggregator.

The site not only finds and publishes deals from almost all of the daily deals sites across Australia and New Zealand, but also allows its users to keep track of these via daily email alerts as well as RSS and Atom feeds.

"Users can subscribe to receive daily email alerts that meet their search criteria" said Dale Hansen, manager of Base Media. "This means they can choose the categories and regions of the deals they will receive in their daily email. So if you’re interested in dining out deals, but not interested in beauty and fashion deals, you can customise your email newsletter settings to suit."

The site presently covers over 90 deal sites, with the list growing each day. Users can also follow Deals United on Facebook and Twitter for deal updates. Deals United is entirely free to access without the need to sign up for an account, and is 100% Australian owned. Visit the site today at