About Us

Founded in September 2003, Base Media is a wholly Australian owned private business that manages a set of digital assets. You can view these in our Portfolio.


Base Media founder, Dale Hansen, established a personal website documenting video game history in 2000. This was called Dale's Game & Console Database, a name which was ultimately shortened to Console Database. Hansen subsequently founded Base Media, bringing Console Database under its banner. However, at this time, Base Media was mainly focused on multimedia development for third parties, creating websites for businesses and organisations in Brisbane and other parts of Australia. This continued for a number of years, with websites produced for all kinds of businesses and organisations: car yards, puppeteers, not-for-profit organisations, local artists, online stores, political candidates, bands, accommodation providers, schools, and accountants to name a few.

Over the years, Base Media continued to also build up a portfolio of its own information and utility sites. In 2011 we launched Deals United, one of the first aggregators of the popular daily deal sites in Australia and New Zealand. In 2015, we launched WhichPlug, a service for helping travellers find electrical plug adaptors for their destinations.